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 BX M D62 explosion-proof illumination power distribution box(IIC )
1、Can be used in hazardous environments of petroleum exploitation, smelting, chemical industry, military industry etc. enterprise;
2、Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive atmosphere;
3、Can be used in explosive atmosphere of temperature between T1 and T4 of class IIA and IIB.
4、Can be used in locations which contain corrosive gas;
main standards  

GB3836.1-2000. GB3836.2-2000. GB3836.3-2000.which are equivalent to IEC60079-0. IEC60079-1. IEC60079-7. EN50014. EN50018. EN50019.

Type implication  
  1、The product is of compound type. The switch compartment adopts explosion-proof structure, while bus bar and outlet compartment adopts safety-increased structure.
  2、The shell formed by die-cast Al-alloy with plastic-sprayed surface. The inside electric components are mini circuit breaker of high breaking capacity or moulded case circuit breaker
  3、Operating device is installed on the top cover so that it is convenient to close the cover after maintaining.
  4、The optimal design of inner components, terminals of inlet /outlet gravity and panel layout makes its structure more rational, its performance better and economical.
  5、Can be made specially by request.
  6、The steel pipe or the electric cable wiring.
information for ordering  
   1. When ordering, please indicate the circuit numbers of distribution box, each circuit current and pole number of circuit breaker.. If main switch is needed, please note the current and pole number of the main switch, inlet and outlet direction, inlet and outlet specification and corresponding number, etc. technical requirement.
   2. Any special requirement, please give clear indication.
main technical parameter  
Example of Electric Schematic diagram (can be manufactured according to the Electric Schematic diagram offered by users)  
Typical outline and installation dimension example