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 FBX M D dust explosion-proof illumination power distribution box (DIP)
1、Can be used in Zone20, Zone21, Zone22 flammable dust environments and dangerous places of temperature group between T1 and T4/T6.
2、Can be used in electrical conduction or dielectric dust environments.
3、Can be used in locations which contain corrosive gas;
4、Can be used to control and protect the motor in the places such as workshop, warehouse, factory building and outdoors.
Type implication Features  
  1.The shell is formed by die-cast Al-alloy, with plastic-sprayed plastic.  
  2.Power cord of main circuit adopts copper busbar and output end of branch circuit adopts terminal.
  3.With C45N (for illumination) or C45AD (for power) high-breaking MCB or earth-leakage circuit breaker and indicating lamp installed inside, and with overload and short circuit protection.
  4.Adopts modular structure; combines into various forms discretionarily; can choose different kinds of circuits freely.
  5.Steel pipe or cable wiring
Main standards
  GB12476.1-2000 is equivalent to IEC61241-1-1
Example of Electric Schematic diagram (can be manufactured according to the Electric Schematic diagram offered by users)  
Main technical parameter  
Example of typical outline and installation dimension  
Information for ordering  
1.Write product type and specification correctly and completely
2.Write the technical requirements correctly such as Ex-mark, protection grade and corrosion-proof grade
3.Any special requirement, please give clear indication.